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Identifying Heritage Apples Across Ontario


The only book you will ever need to identify those wonderful old apples you find all over our countryside growing in abandoned orchards and at the side of the road. Are you a forager? Do you live on a property with old apple trees? So many people want to know about Heritage Apples! Well, search no further.

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Identifying Heritage Apples Across Ontario

Identifying Heritage Apples Across Ontario

Ever wondered what variety those “wild apples” are that you go and find every fall? Well now you can, with Identifying Heritage Apples Across Ontario – a book for forages and others. Listed by Ontario county (alphabetically) and then by township, you will easily be able to identify most wild apples you find. The book features 77 varieties with full colour photos or illustrations. It contains a list of all known varieties that were grown in Ontario in the pre-WW2 years as well as statistical data for each one.

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