Bible Christians

A Corner for the Preacher

A Corner For the Preacher

This book looks at the founding of the Bible Christian Branch of the Methodist Church. Who were the people who embraced it? We look at the places they lived, and why conditions existed that caused them to emigrate. We follow them to the ports of departure, and take a look at some of the ships that carried them to their new homes. We accompany them on their often perilous journey across the North Atlantic, and we find them again in the places they settled in various corners of North America.

Their stories are the stories of ALL who came to our shores, and these stories are told in their own words using their diaries, journals, letters home, and the obituaries written about them by their ministers.


The Damascus Road

The Damascus Road is the story of the Bible Christian ministers who served in Canada and the US between 1831 and 1884.

There is a short biography of each minister, where information was available.  Includes archival photos of most of them and a complete list of the circuits on which they served, by year.

Much of this material comes from their own diaries, journals and letters – their stories told in their own words!


Bible Christian Chapels of the Canadian Conference

Bible Christian Chapels of the Canadian Conference

This is the story of where the Bible Christians settled and where they built their chapels – Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Manitoba, and three US States – Ohio, Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

Altogether there are over 200 chapels accounted for, with a brief history of each one. Some of that history might include who gave the land for the chapel, and who the first board of trustees were.
This book is laid out according to the county, then the circuit, then the chapel.

Also given for each circuit are the names of the ministers who served each one and their years of service.

Read the Introduction by Rev. Colin Short


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These books can be ordered one at a time, or as a set of three.

The Bible Christian Trilogy – $50.00 – set of three books

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