New year, new book!

Finding Sean McRory is Sher’s latest book, a full-length novel. It takes place in Scotland’s Trossach Hills.

Finding Sean McRory book cover

Finding Sean McRory

Janet Keith is a freelance writer, Callum Neale is an archaeologist. They meet at a Sustainability Symposium being held at Edinburgh University, changing both their lives forever. 

Both have pasts they are trying to leave behind, pasts that stand in the way of their future. Their common interest in sustainability is what brought them together – and it is what reinforces their future together.

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The Queen’s Pawn

A tale of kidnapping, and murder. A tale of intrigue and hate. A tale of lost love, and love regained.

Set between Fowey in Cornwall and London during Margaret Thatcher’s term in office as Britain’s Prime Minister, the story hinges on a mystery set in motion by strange messages – all about chess moves, but not real chess moves – almost impossible to sort out.

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How to use the Veggies From Your Garden – a cookbook

The Bowmanville Allotment Gardens, one of Bowmanville’s community gardens, has put together a cook book as a fund raiser. 

It’s not a big book, but the recipes are all DELISH! You will find pickles and sauces, soups and salads and lot more. Indexed.

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The First 200 Years

A revised and condensed history of Darlington Township with tales and anecdotes from the first settlers in 1796 to the commemoration of their arrival 200 years later.

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From the Oak Plain to the Lakefront

First published in 1996, this is the third revised edition. It is a brief history of Clarke Township, written from the ‘people’ perspective. Full of anecdotes and facts from the time of the first settlers to the 20th century.

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The Trail Through the Bush

The story of the township of Manvers, from the days of first settlement through the 19th century.

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Built on Faith and Fortitude

A condensed history of the people who came to Hope Township, the events that touched their lives, their communities, and how they grew, starting with the first white trader in 1788.

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Along the Gravel Road

A revised, condensed history of Cartwright Township with facts, tales and anecdotes from the first settlers to the early 20th century.

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