Memoir Writing and Genealogy Classes with Sher

Tuesday afternoons October 4-25, 2022, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., spend two hours learning how to bring your memories to the forefront with a class on Memoir Writing. This is a hybrid Zoom/in studio class through A Gift Of  Art in Newcastle, Ontario. Please register at A Gift of Art’s website. This is a 4-week class.

Tuesday afternoons November 1 – December 20, 2022 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m., spend two hours learning how how to research your ancestors in Canada and Britain. Please register at A Gift of Art’s website. This is an 8-week hybrid Zoom/in studio class.

A novella, a cookbook – and four history books newly available!

Sher’s first novella is now available to order, along with a brand new veggie cookbook from the Bowmanville Allotment Gardens! Three books on the history of Darlington, Clarke and Hope Townships in southeastern Ontario have been revised, and updated and reprinted.

The Queen’s Pawn

The Queen's Pawn cover

A tale of kidnapping, and murder. A tale of intrigue and hate. A tale of lost love, and love regained.Set between Fowey in Cornwall and London during Margaret Thatcher’s term in office as Britain’s Prime Minister, the story hinges on a mystery set in motion by strange messages – all about chess moves, but not real chess moves – almost impossible to sort out.


How to use the Veggies From Your Garden – a cookbook

How to use the veggies from your garden

The Bowmanville Allotment Gardens, one of Bowmanville’s community gardens, has put together a cook book as a fund raiser.  It’s not a big book, but the recipes are all DELISH! You will find Pickles and Sauces, Soups and Salads and lot more. Indexed.


The First 200 Years

The First 200 Years - A Brief History of Darlington Township

A revised and condensed history of the Township with tales and anecdotes from the first settlers in 1796 to the commemoration of their arrival 200 years later.


From the Oak Plain to the Lakefront

From the Oak Plain to the Lakefront - A Brief History of Clarke Township

First published in 1996, this is the third revised edition. It is a brief history of the township, written from the ‘people’ perspective. Full of anecdotes and facts from the time of the first settlers to the 20th century.


The Trail Through the Bush

The Trail Through the Bush

The story of the township of Manvers, from the days of first settlement through the 19th century.


Built on Faith and Fortitude

Built on Faith and Fortitude - A Brief History of Hope Township

A condensed history of the people who came to Hope Township, the events that touched their lives, their communities, and how they grew, starting with the first white trader in 1788.


Books – recipes, stories, gardens and more!

Belly-Fat Buster Cook Book

Belly-fat buster cookbook

Need to lose a few inches and a few pounds? My husband was told to lose 10 pounds, and it was my job to figure out how to keep the meals interesting. And that research became the Belly-Fat Buster Cook Book! We never went hungry, and some days we ate like kings. My husband not only lost his 10 pounds, he lost 32!!

A Book of Shorts

A Book of Shorts

This is a collection of short stories written at various times and then put away until the fall of 2019, when Sher needed a project. Some are real happenings, most are pure fiction. Sher leaves it to the readers to decide which is which.

It’s  gardening season again – and Sher has two books just for you!

The Natural Gardener

The Natural Gardener

Mother Nature has everything worked out – no need to use chemicals in your garden to kill weeds and bugs! Let the birds, other bugs, bees and butterflies do all the work for you.

This book is pack jammed with useful information for any gardener. Want to invite birds to nest in your yard? This book tells you what they expect to find there, how high or low to put a feeder and where to locate a bird house/nesting box that will suit them.

Do you systematically step on every creepy-crawler you find lurking in the garden? Ah, ah! They may be good bugs on their way to eat a few bad bugs for dinner!

We all know that bees are endangered. The chapter on bees identifies some local bee breeds and tells you how to care for them and how to keep them near your property so they can pollinate your garden.

Butterflies, too, are good pollinators. Invite them in with plants that provide them with good food sources, with a place to bath, and a nice sunny place to dry off too! If they find these things you’ll have butterflies all season long flitting about!

Other information included in this book is a list of Pesticides for Organic Gardens, as well as notes at the end of each section.

121 pages, indexed, full colour. $18.50

Companion Planting

Companion Planting

Plants have friends too! Sometimes that friend is smelly, but a smelly friend is better than no friend.

Mother Nature has designed plants to look after one another, as well as kill one another off. Ever wondered why your plants don’t do well? Ever wondered why you just can’t grow a garden? Well, you are probably putting incompatible plants side by side.

Some plants shade their neighbours, some plants scare away bugs that chew their neighbours, and some plants secrete chemicals into the soil to protect their neighbours from soil borne larvae that will suck the goodness out of tender new roots.

Chapters in the book include companions for: Vegetables, Herbs,  Flowers, Fruit

You will also find ‘help notes’ on various garden problems, and beginning on page 99, a Quick Guide to Pests and Their Organic Control.

111 pages, indexed, full colour,  $18

Sher’s got blankets!

Crocheted Blanket

Crocheted in a multitude of patterns (who knew you could have a PLAID afghan?) in various sizes. Supply is limited due to the COVID problems with restocking yarn; the store shelves are empty! Until more yarn appears, custom orders won’t be available, so snap up what’s in stock before they’re gone. Any in-stock items will be mailed out next day.

A “now available” notice will be posted as soon as yarn is once again available.

Please use the contact form to place an order – Sher will let you know the postage charges, and payment can be made via e-transfer or PayPal invoice.

Local buyers are welcome to pick up orders if payment is made in advance.

Need help with family research?

Or do you require a speaker on local history, gardening or genealogy? Sher presents to a variety of groups including PROBUS clubs, museums and libraries, historical and genealogical societies, seniors' groups/clubs, church groups and service clubs.  Sher also does Zoom meetings as well as 'in person' meetings. Questions, comments and inquiries welcome!