Sher Leetooze

Author, Storyteller, Historiographer, Family Researcher

Upcoming Events

Throughout the year Sher attends many events with her books and other items she produces. Here are three for the summer and fall of 2019….

On the shaded lawn of the PortHope Town Hall vendors gather every summer. A full array of wonderful arts and crafts, AND Sher’s books!

Event runs 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Word on the Street Toronto Book and Magazine FestivalSeptember 22 – THE WORD ON THE STREET (Toronto)
Harbourfront is alive for the whole weekend with nothing but writers and the people who love books. This year, Sher has teamed up with another author, Grant Karcich who owns Red Handprint Publishing. They will share a table and offer their history books and books on other topics to all who pass by.

Marketplace runs Sunday only 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Independent authors from 100 km radius of Pickering Library will be in attendance with their books. Book Clubs from the region are going to be there too!

Event runs from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

It’s  gardening season again – and Sher has two books just for you!

The Natural GardenerThe Natural Gardener

Mother Nature has everything worked out – no need to use chemicals in your garden to kill weeds and bugs! Let the birds, other bugs, bees and butterflies do all the work for you.

This book is pack jammed with useful information for any gardener. Want to invite birds to nest in your yard? This book tells you what they expect to find there, how high or low to put a feeder and where to locate a bird house/nesting box that will suit them.

Do you systematically step on every creepy-crawler you find lurking in the garden? Ah, ah! They may be good bugs on their way to eat a few bad bugs for dinner!

We all know that bees are endangered. The chapter on bees identifies some local bee breeds and tells you how to care for them and how to keep them near your property so they can pollinate your garden.

Butterflies, too, are good pollinators. Invite them in with plants that provide them with good food sources, with a place to bath, and a nice sunny place to dry off too! If they find these things you’ll have butterflies all season long flitting about!

Other information included in this book is a list of Pesticides for Organic Gardens, as well as notes at the end of each section.

121 pages, indexed, full colour.  $18.50 Canadian


Companion Planting - front coverCompanion Planting

Plants have friends too! Sometimes that friend is smelly, but a smelly friend is better than no friend.

Mother Nature has designed plants to look after one another, as well as kill one another off. Ever wondered why your plants don’t do well? Ever wondered why you just can’t grow a garden? Well, you are probably putting incompatible plants side by side.

Some plants shade their neighbours, some plants scare away bugs that chew their neighbours, and some plants secrete chemicals into the soil to protect their neighbours from soil borne larvae that will suck the goodness out of tender new roots.

Chapters in the book include companions for:

Vegetables, Herbs,  Flowers, Fruit

You will also find ‘help notes’ on various garden problems, and beginning on page 99, a Quick Guide to Pests and Their Organic Control.

111 pages, indexed, full colour  $18.00 Canadian