Storyteller, Historiographer, Family Researcher


Sher Leetooze began writing local history in 1994. It was the year of the bicentennial of the settling of the township where Sher lives. Her research and subsequent book, The First 200 Years, A Brief History of Darlington Township, was her contribution to the bicentennial celebrations. But it had one drawback! It was habit forming, and Sher just had to keep researching and writing. She went on to write a “brief  history” of all the townships of the former Durham County in Ontario, Canada, plus an expanded index of all six books which included map transcriptions, names from all the county cenotaphs, postal records, and many updates for each township.

In between these books, Sher gathered stories from Senior Citizens across Ontario – things they remembered from their youth, or tales from their own area – and published 36 of the best stories in a book called, The Crew of the Flagship, Stories of the People who Built Ontario.

During the Millenium Year in 2000, Sher had another project for which she traveled to England to do the research. In the fall of 2000 Sher published Putting Flesh on the Bones of Your Devon and Cornwall Ancestors, A Sourcebook for Family Researchers, which is now available in a revised edition (revised 2017). The sourcebook describes how to locate information in Devon and Cornwall about people and life in those English Counties in bygone times. Includes street addresses, phone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses where available.

In 2005 Sher published a trilogy about the Bible Christians, a branch of the Methodists.  These books tell about the emigration and immigration of the Bible Christians from the UK to North America ( A Corner For The Preacher); about the chapels they built for themselves across North America ( Bible Christian Chapels of the Canadian Conference  ); and about the preachers who served them from 1832 to 1884 when the Bible Christians were absorbed into the umbrella Methodist body ( The Damascus Road).  Even though these books have been taken from the mainstream list of available books there are still a few sets available.  Please contact Sher if you would like a set.  See the ‘Out Of Print’ section

Sher has gone on to write other books dealing with historical topics from the old county, as well as gardening books, wild plant books and genealogical books.  Please see the rest of the pages on this website for information about all these books.

Besides auth

oring books of interest, Sher is also a master storyteller.  Her stories come from the pages of Ontario’s history – tales about our early settlers; tales about those who came later; tales of sadness and loss; tales of extraordinary courage; tales that will tickle your funny bone.

Sher will attend your meeting or special event, in costume if requested, for an hour of storytelling.  Her tales are not geared to children, although children as young as 8 years have been known to sneak in to hear the stories.  Please contact Sher for her fees.