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The Natural Gardener

All AboutThe Natural Gardener Birds, Bugs, Bees and Butterflies: Invite them into your garden

(2018) Lynn Michael-John Associates, $18.50 + $7.50 postage

Find out how to let Mother Nature look after your garden, and how you can help her do it!

EEEKKK!!! Bugs in my garden? Yes! There are two kinds of bugs: Good bugs and Bad bugs. The good bugs need something to eat, so its ok to have bad bugs.

Birds, too like to eat bugs, especially in the spring when they are feeding hatchlings. The bugs give them the energy they need to find food for the babies, and the bugs give the babies the protein they need to grow big and strong like Mommy and Daddy birds.

Bees are our special friends and helpers, so grow plants that attract them. Without bees our gardens would not be pollinated and we’d have no fruit or vegetables without them.

Butterflies, too help pollinate our gardens, and they look so lovely flitting from flower to flower! Learn how to identify some of our most populous species and how to grow what they like.

Learn how to invite all of these creatures into your garden!

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Companion Planting

(2018) Lynn Michael-John Associates, $18 + $7.50 postage

A comprehensive listing of what plants like to be planted together for optimum health, and what plants do not like one another and will likely kill one another if planted to closely together. Also tells which plants deter  or attract a variety of bugs, etc. A good gardening companion.

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Identifying Heritage Apples Across Ontario

(Lynn Michael-John Associates $25 + $7.50 postage

Ever wondered what variety those “wild apples” are that you go and find every fall? Well now you can! Listed county by county (alphabetically) then township by township, you will easily be able to identify most wild apples you find. The book features 77 varieties in full colour at the back of the book.

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Edible Wild Plants

(January 2019) Lynn Michael-John Associates  $18 + $7.50 postage

     Treat yourself to some natural foods – cattails, wild ginger, dandelion fritters  – mother nature has supplied us with tasty treats – why not make a burdock pie? Find out how!

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Medicinal Wild Plants

Coming in March, 2019  Lynn Michael-John Associates  $18 + $7.50 postage

Look after your health the natural way using wild plants. Treat the common cold, stop coughs, fix loose bowels, ease arthritis, keep your hair bright, treat sores on your pets, treat sunburn and much, much more!

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Dyeing With Wild Plants

Dyeing With Wild PlantsComing in March 2019 Lynn Michael-John Associates  $18 + $7.50 postage

Commercial dyes are harsh, once you’ve seen the colours that mother nature gives us with plants like hyssop, walnut leaf, day lily, and many more. 36 plants are described in this book, with instructions on how to dye yarn or cloth. You won’t believe the colours you can get!

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Irish, Orange and Proud, A Brief History of Cavan Township

(1999) Lynn Michael-John Associates

The story of the settlement and growth of Cavan Township, former Durham County.

The Durham County Companion

(1998) Lynn Michael-John Associates

A book of lists for all six townships of the former Durham County – includes transcriptions of the 1861 Tremaine’s map, and the 1878 Belden’s map; militia lists; post office lists, and others. Thousands of names for family researchers. First edition still available.

The Durham County Companion, Second Edition All the same valuable lists, but the indexes are now in the township books.

The Trail Through The Bush, A Brief History of Manvers Township

(1998) Lynn Michael-John Associates

The story of the settlement and growth of Manvers Township, former Durham County.

Built on Faith and Fortitude, A Brief History of Hope Township

(1997) Lynn Michael-John Associates

A brief history of Hope Township from the first settlers in about 1792 to about 1900.

Hope Township was the eastern-most township along the lakeshore in the former Durham County. It was an early area of settlement in south central Ontario and was an important port at an early date.

The brief history of this township has been sold out for many years, but has been re-published as a Second Revised Edition.

Along the Gravel Road, A Brief History of Cartwright Township

(1996) Lynn Michael-John Associates

From The Oak Plain to the Lakefront, A Brief History of Clarke Township

(1995) Lynn Michael-John Associates

A brief history of Clarke Township from the time of the first settlers in 1796 to about 1900.

Clarke Township has a very  interesting past. Every other decade or so during the 19th century, the seat of power in the township seemed to rotate to another community, as each put on a growth spurt, and, for a time, outpaced the other villages in the township with its industry and or population.  Although the communities of Clarke Township were never very large, they certainly added to the history of the former Durham County, with both the creativity of the people and their struggles to be in the forefront of Ontario society AND leave their mark in it!

The First 200 Years, A Brief History of Darlington Township

(1994) Lynn Michael-John Associates, Second Edition

The First 200 Years is the story of Darlington Township in the former Durham County, Ontario, Canada. The township’s first settlers came in 1794 – the Conant’s, the Burk’s and the Trull’s.  They were not loyalist families, but they did not like the tactics of their countrymen during their revolution and when they saw a chance to get out, they came to Ontario, where Governor Simcoe was offering free land to any and all settlers, if they would come and be loyal to the Crown. Published for the occasion of the bi-centenary of the township.