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WW1 Nursing Sisters of Old Durham CountyWW1 Nursing Sisters of Old Durham County

(2014) Lynn Michael-John Associates, $30

The story of 36 WW1 Nursing Sisters from the old county – who they were, where and when they served and what they did after the war. Includes photos of each nurse when available, photos of the field hospitals where they worked in France, Greece, Egypt and England. For those who love local history, this volume is one to keep!

Discover the bravery of our Nurses during WW1.



Clarington's Home ChildrenClarington’s Home Children

(2017) Lynn Michael-John Associates, $25

The stories of 38 Home Children who were sent to the two townships, Darlington and Clarke (now the Municipality of Clarington in Durham Region). There were nearly 700 Home Children sent here from All the countries of Great Britain between the years 1869 and 1949 – read all about them in this new book!


The Churches of Old Durham CountyThe Churches of Old Durham County

(2014) Lynn Michael-John Associates, $40

At one time there were over 230 churches in the six townships of the old county, now today there are just over 70. What became of those ‘lost’ churches? Why did they close? Where did the congregations go?

This 322 page book covers the history of our churches from the time of the early settlers up to today (2013). If you have an interest in the community in which you live, or you have deep roots in Old Durham, this book will appeal to you.


Service in Three CenturiesService in Three Centuries

(2008) Lynn Michael-John Associates (Out of print)

This was a sesqui-centennial project by members of the Bowmanville Legion, Br. 178.

The story of the military service of Bowmanville people from the Napoleonic Wars through to the UN and Peacekeepers of today (up to 2008). Includes chapters: Pre 1900, WW1 (with a section on the nursing sisters who worked at the front lines), WW2, Korea, UN and Peacekeeping Forces. A must read for people with roots in the town of Bowmanville.

$15.00 while supplies last. Proceeds go to support the Museum of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 178, Bowmanville.