Churches of Old Durham County


At one time there were over 240 churches in the six townships of the old Durham County, Ontario, and today there are just over 70. What became of those ‘lost’ churches? Why did they close? Where did the congregations go?

If you have an interest in the community in which you live, or you have deep roots in Old Durham, this book will appeal to you.



The churches of Old Durham County covers the history of our churches from the time of the early settlers to the present day.

Old Durham County, Ontario, no longer exists. It used to contain the townships of Darlington, Clarke, Hope, Cartwright, Manvers and Cavan. When Durham Region came into being in the 1970s, only 3 of the original townships were kept to help make the new Region. The others were sold off to the surrounding Counties: Manvers went to Victoria County, Cavan went to Peterborough County (and is now joined with South Monaghan) and Hope went to Northumberland County (the township and town have now amalgamated and are known as Port Hope).
Within all these areas there were over 240 churches – today there are only 70 churches.  Where did they all go? Are the buildings still standing? How can I go and find them?
The history section on each church tells you where each of the small congregations were located (some are still marked by the old cemetery, though the church may have been gone for many years). The book is laid out so that you can see why the church closed and where the congregation went as a result.
If you are interested in local history, this book is a must for your bookshelf.

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