Medicinal Wild Plants


A must have for anyone interested in looking after their health with natural medicines rather than the chemical concoctions of today.  This book shows you how to prepare plants for various uses, including veterinary use.



Medicinal Wild Plants
Medicinal Wild Plants

Look after your health the natural way using medicinal wild plants. Mother Nature has provided us with all we need to keep ourselves healthy. Discover what to use for common headaches; the common cold; to ease bruising; to ease arthritis pain; to ease coughing; and much, much more!

Ever since the earth had people, we have used plants to cure our ills. No matter what ails us, there is a plant that will help cure us. Few documents from times gone by survive to tell us how to do this. However, enough have been found and preserved to give us a very good start. From these old documents we can learn how to care for ourselves and to tell others what we know. Each nationality around the globe has “folk cures”, each using the plants of that area where they lived.  Folk cures are indeed useful even today. Don’t let the big pharmaceutical companies tell you otherwise.

All remedies have been tried and tested and have been found to be useful in all cases.

Includes sections on cosmetic uses and veterinary uses.

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