Companion Planting


Companion Planting will help you pick the optimum companions for your garden plants for better growth, pest resistance and higher yields.



Plants have friends too! Sometimes that friend is smelly, but a smelly friend is better than no friend. Companion planting can make a significant difference to your garden.


Mother Nature has designed plants to look after one another, as well as kill one another off. Ever wondered why your plants don’t do well? Ever wondered why you just can’t grow a garden? Well, you are probably putting incompatible plants side by side.

Some plants shade their neighbours, some plants scare away bugs that chew their neighbours, and some plants secrete chemicals into the soil to protect their neighbours from soil borne larvae that will suck the goodness out of tender new roots.
Chapters in the book include companions for:

  • Vegetables
  • Herbs
  • Flowers
  • Fruit

You will also find ‘help notes’ on various garden problems, and beginning on page 99, a Quick Guide to Pests and Their Control.

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