The Natural Gardener




Find out how to let Mother Nature look after your garden with The Natural Gardener – and how you can help her do it!
EEEKKK!!! Bugs in my garden? Yes! There are two kinds of bugs: Good bugs and Bad bugs. The good bugs need something to eat, so its ok to have bad bugs.
Birds, too like to eat bugs, especially in the spring when they are feeding hatchlings. The bugs give them the energy they need to find food for the babies, and the bugs give the babies the protein they need to grow big and strong like Mommy and Daddy birds.
Bees are our special friends and helpers, so grow plants that attract them. Without bees our gardens would not be pollinated and we’d have no fruit or vegetables without them.
Butterflies, too help pollinate our gardens, and they look so lovely flitting from flower to flower! Learn how to identify some of our most populous species and how to grow what they like.
Learn how to invite all of these creatures into your garden!

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