Report Day

I guess this is report day…Firstly, the 1st Annual Cornish Heritage Day here in Clarington on March 4th, went very well. As I said in my opening remarks that afternoon, “When you plan something like this you never know if anyone will come.” Well, 32 people came! Whooppee! We all ate pasties and saffron cake. Had to fill the teapots (2) twice!

In the accompanying photo I’m the one way up at the front welcoming everyone.  Ten more people came in shortly after this photo was taken.

We called it the 1st Annual in the hope there would be others. Everyone who attended enjoyed themselves and said YES to doing it again next year. I think we have a winner here! 2nd Annual coming soon!

This year we ordered pasties from the Great British Pie and Pasty Company at Arnprior (near Ottawa). They won the pasty competition last year at Eden in Cornwall, UK, so it was only natural that we’d want award winning pasties at our event. I hate to say so, but they weren’t all that good. Oh, they had all the right ingredients, and right crimp (this is currently under dispute) but they just weren’t right, if you know what I mean.

The next day we raised the Cornish (St. Piran’s) flag on the town flagstaff in honour of St. Piran, Cornwall’s patron saint. St. Piran’s Day is celebrated every March 5th.

In this photo we are out at the cenotaph (where the flag pole is located) watching it being raised.  I am on the far right end with the Mayor next, then councillors Hooper and Woo. The lady in the back is the SNAP’D photographer and the gent in the very back is one of our attendees from the previous day who came back for the flag raising.

All in all, we had a proper good time this St. Piran’s Day. \ Now, if only  we could get some St. Austell ale for the occasion… (some Sleeman’s would do!)